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Our Services

Circle of Life provides home and community based services (HCBS) to individuals with developmental disabilities. 

We focus on assisting the individual in meeting their full potential through growth, self-determination, courage, resilience and empowerment to form and live their vision of their best life.

We assist the individual in living up to their fullest potential, live independently and to integrate into their community.

We provide services to assist the individual with living their best lives.


The services provided are for individuals who have a desire to develop skills within their home to include but not limited to household chores such as house cleaning, changing bed linen, laundry, meal preparation, meal clean-up, food shopping and errands. Personal care support such as non-medical assistance with bowel and bladder care, feeding, bathing, grooming, dressing, assistance with ambulation and help moving in and out of bed.


   Individuals receiving services through Circle of Life, LLC are provided opportunities to have a range of community experiences. The benefits of integrating into the community promotes a sense of freedom, a sense of belonging, increase​s interests, promotes building relation and natural supports, stimulates hobbies and most of all enhances quality of life.

     Circle of Life, LLC  promote new experiences to the level of the individual’s comfort. We promote community experiences and interactions that includes but not limited to:

     1.Leisure or recreational activities

     2..Communication activities

     3.  Spiritual activities

     4.Cultural activities


     6.Educational and training activities

     7.Development of living skills

     8.Health and wellness promotion

     9.Orientation, mobility, and destination training

    10.Access and utilization of public transportation

    11.Interacting with volunteers in community programs

    12.Community collaborations and social connections developed by the ​program (partnerships with community entities such as senior centers, recreational centers, arts councils, civic leagues etc.)

Supportive In-Home Service 

Supportive in-home services children, adolescents, teens and 18+. Our staff comes to the family home to provide a variety of in-home support services to assist with activities of daily living (ADLs), as well as medical and personal needs. We provide support for substitute decision makers to help them be successful in care for a their family member with special needs at home.  Depending on each indivdiual and family’s unique needs and goals, services may include:

•Support to promote greater independence for the individuals 

•Assistance with daily household tasks

•Behavior management services

•Family support to ensure individuals can continue to live at home

•Integration into their community

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