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Support Management

Circle of Life provides support management services. 

It is designed to manage the support n​eeds of the individual receiving services. 

 The Support Manager accomplishes individual health and safety needs by assessing, developing, monitoring and evaluating treatment plans and progress.

Core Functions 


Support Management

  • Engage and build rapport with individuals and their families
  • Gathering information and assessing the individual needs
  • Prioritizing, planning and identifying requirements and needs
  • Provision, growth and negotiation of resources and materials
  • Implementation of the ISP plan
  • Monitoring the ISP plan
  • Reviewing plans 
  • Discharge of services or reassess the individual needs

Person-Centered Planning

Person-Centered Planning is designed to empower individuals to direct the path of their future. In the planning for their future a team comes together to focus on the individual and their vision of their future. Person-Centered Planning goal is to advance independence, informed choices and inclusion. 

Comprehensive Model

Individual receives face to face and home visits to:

  • Anticipate problems
  • Stabilize the individual’s status
  • Prevent crisis
  • Support the individual in achieving service objectives and goals
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